Gear Up! Virtual Exchange orgaznized by University of Leon

It has been designed for undergraduate students from any discipline who wish to improve their intercultural communication, English level or soft skills. This online exchange offers an opportunity to interact with people from diverse cultures for those who cannot afford to study abroad, as well as preparation for those students who are going to undertake international physical mobility.

In these 8 weeks (Oct 3rd – Nov 27th), students from the different partner universities will meet via videoconference to complete 6 tasks related to interculturality, studying abroad and European identity. They will also be required to complete a portfolio where they will report on their experiences and reflect on their intercultural learning, expectations and future plans.
In order for the exchange to be effective and for students to fully benefit from this experience, they will attend an hour-long online preparatory workshop and read a short student’s handbook. These will prepare them to face online intercultural interaction. In addition, they will have the opportunity to attend online supervision sessions every other week where they can ask questions or talk about their experience. Students will be asked to complete two surveys, pre and post-exchange.
The deadline for applications ends on September 30th, 2022. Students who wish to participate only need to fill in the application form that appears on our website It is not necessary for universities to formalise the registration of their students in any other way. All participants must be undergraduate students of any discipline and must commit to participating actively to avoid the detriment of their partners. Participation is free.
The workload for the student is estimated at 3 hours per week and combines: an online preparatory workshop, individual work to prepare tasks, at least 1 videoconference per week to complete the tasks (synchronous communication), sending text messages, emails, forums, etc (asynchronous communication), online supervision sessions every other week (morning and afternoon sessions will be available) and a final individual portfolio. Each group of students must agree on the dates and times for their own video conferences as this is part of their intercultural learning experience.

PUEB is not able to recognize the ECTS for this virtual exchange.

26 Aug 2022